Proactive plan

I have been working on a plan to create two smaller manageable lakes which would entail the Riverside County side to be fed by the Whitewater and Imperial County side to be fed by the New and Alamo Rivers. 
A desalination facility powered using geothermal energy could be built/funded to mitigate the high salinity.
100 years of the Colorado river spilling water into Lake Cahuilla creating the Salton Sea, created a water table that could be pumped and added to the Sea to dilute its high levels of salt.
The EPA has a long used expression “the solution to pollution is dilution”

Good news

I am happy to report that after studying the Salton Sea for almost 40 years. I have discovered many people and organizations care and are concerned with it’s future!

I am particularly gratified  with the decision to create I have discovered coordinating efforts will help the Sea the most!


A new perspective


Countless concerned citizens post their perspective of what is happening at the sea. The more people that become aware, the better. My philosophy in business has always been “the more ideas the better”! Please submit yours.

Experienced companies

I am very happy to report that the health of the Salton Sea is drawing much-needed attention from firms wishing to address the issues plaguing the Salton Sea.

Another up-date

Our videographer returned from the Salton Sea to, up-date with video and soil and water samples. Stay connected with to see the results.

March documentation

Our videographers are documenting today.

Our goal is to consistently provide the public with an actual video of what is happening and not happening at the Salton Sea. 2018 water flows to the Salton Sea stopped so more of the ground is exposed each year.