Important videos about the Salton Sea!

This is a collection of videos about the Salton Sea! They cover the health hazzards, the economic impact and the future of the Salton Sea.

This is 2015 documentary by AJ+, it has some very interesting interviews with surrounding residents. Also interviews with activists that are working on bringing water back to the Salton Sea.

Veritaserum created a very interesting analysis on the area, with a little history of the sea.

In this next video by SoCal Connected, you can hear from a Professor of Environmental Studies how the effects from the deterioration of the Salton Sea is affecting our community.

On a fairly recent video from Beyond Borders Network. You can witness the state of the surrounding areas of the Salton Sea.

A quick news piece from RT America. It investigates the health hazards that the Imperial and Coachella Valley residents are suffering because of the drying sea. And how the future deterioration can affect most of Southern California.

Here is a photo essay of the Salton Sea to complement this collection of videos.

Many people show their concern for the Salton Sea

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